Solar Panels Project

As SEND DE GEL, we manage our projects by taking the region and local people into consideration and by utilizing the most environmentally friendly methods. We use solar energy in many projects in order not to harm any field that we try to improve and in the easiest, safest, and most efficient way possible.

While we keep on fighting poverty with our sustainable projects, we aim to better people’s lives through solar energy systems. We have utilized solar energy systems in our fisheries, water wells, and agriculture projects. We have made people’s lives thanks to these systems. It is possible to make the world full of love and respect.

Villages and number of beneficiaries: 2000 people in Kaiaf Village, 3000 people in Japineh Village, and 2000 people in Dumbuto Women’s Gardens.

Solar Cooker Projects

Thanks to solar cookers, women have a new income source. They earn income by selling healthy food they make in local markets and touristic areas. The project has been executed in Dumbuto and Kartong villages. 126 people benefit from it.