Water Well Projects

As SenDeGel, we open up clean water resources in the furthest regions of Africa and enable people meet their basic life need.

844 million people in the world and more than 50% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to clean water. Due to this, health problems and child deaths are quite common. In Africa, people travel an average of 6 km to reach water. Clean water is one of the main reasons for sustainable development. We observe that income-generating economic activities such as agriculture have started in places where we have water wells built. We observe that children devote more time to school, and women's lives are undergoing a great change.

Our Water Well Project

The main purpose of our project, which covers the creation of drinking water resources by using solar energy or deep well water pumps depending on regional conditions and needs, is to prevent newborn deaths and diseases caused by insufficient and dirty water consumption by meeting the clean drinking water needs of the villages at a minimum level, and to defend the right of everyone to access water.

Our project budget is 5500 USD.

Our Water Well Rehabilitation Project

It covers the renewal of water wells that have become unusable for various reasons over time, as a result of a technical evaluation, and their conversion into healthy drinking water sources. The main purpose of the project is to ensure sustainability by saving water resources and financial resources spent for this purpose.

Our project budget is 2800 USD.

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Our Water Well Projects