Other Projects

We create sustainable projects of quality to fight poverty, to create employment, to add value to people’s lives where it is needed. It is possible to make this world a better place for everyone.


Carpentry Projects

We supported more than 50 young people, who didn’t have opportunity to keep on their education due to economic reasons, for employment with the sponsorship of Coca Cola Foundation and in collaboration with our partner WACC to the resources we have raised for Community Carpentry Development Association (CCDA). While tens of young people completed their carpentry training in 8 different workshops of CCDA, carpentry businesses solved the problem of finding qualified workers.

Sewing Machine and Training Projects

We provided a sewing machine through our micro credit project. We supported the educational costs of 3 Gambian students for a year. We supported the procurement for a project benefiting 150 people in Soma Scout Skill Training Center where various courses for women and children are organized.

Oven Projects

At the end of 2014 we started constructing an oven in Duwasu village – called İzmir Oven – and we opened it, distributed breads at the opening ceremony. 6000 people benefir from this project. We constructed the second oven in Jalokoto village. IN total, 12000 people are going to benefit from this project.

Fishery Projects

We started our fishery project in the Gambia, the smallest African country, in June 2014. We gave 7 fishing boats to 4 village governments and more than half of the fish were given to village communities. By this, we made a huge difference in people’s nourishment as their main diet were solely based on rice. We handed over this project to local government in 2014. 17+ tons of fish were caught in 18 months and we contributed to nourishment of more than 30000 people.

Poultry Farm Projects

We started poultry farm projects in 2013 in 5 villages. In 2014, we added 15 more and we established poultry farms in 20 villages in total. 400 chicks were given to each farm, totaling 8000. More than 8800 people benefit from poultry farm project. We handed over this project to local government in 2015.

Riverbank Set Projects

Riverbank set in Tankular village, 1700 people benefit.

Refrigerator Projects

25 women were given refrigerators as micro credit. They contribute to family income by cooling vegetables and juices and selling them in market. We handed over this project to local government in 2015.

Toilet Projects

4 toilets have been constructed in Juta Kunda village.

Our Other Projects