Livestock Projects

As SenDeGel, we provide sustainable service to our beneficiaries and contribute to humans' lives through inexhaustible means.

This project, which we have been carrying out within the scope of "sustainability", which has been our main goal since our establishment, continues to create positive effects in people's lives. Thanks to the sheep and goats given to the families, a very efficient work is carried out with our system, which is based on both meeting their milk needs and ensuring that the sheep and goats that will be born in the coming years are given to other families. As a result of the work we have done in the past years, we can say that we have a growing circle.

Our Livestock Project

We want to carry our sheep and goat breeding project, which we have been carrying out for a long time in the Gambia and Senegal, to other villages. The project beneficiary is responsible for giving 1 of every 2 kids or lambs to another family in the village.

One sheep or goat: 100 USD
At least 2 animals are given to 1 household.

Budget: 100 USD x 2 = 200 USD


Our Livestock Projects