Jalakoto Bakery Is Now Open

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Jalakoto was one of the far off villages without a bakery in the Gambia; but by 2015 this is a part of history. Omar from the village was dreaming of opening a bakery; but it was impossible for him to apply for a credit as the interest rates were too high and he wouldn’t meet the conditions of the commercial banks. He applied to Sen de Gel and thanks to the microcredit he got, he started his bakery soon. While he was earning regular income for his family, Jalakoto village finally started to get fresh bread. Our board members and supporters were the first to taste the bread. If you ever happen to be in Jalakoto of the Gambia, just follow the smell of freshly baked bread to arrive at the bakery. We wouldn’t have made this transformation in the lives of 200.000 people if it was not for your contributions. Thanks to all supporters who make the world a better place.