Become a Member

Support for Improvement in Social and Economic Living Association is a non-profit community that works to produce projects to ensure sustainable improvement of quality in social and economic areas nationally and internationally.

How can I become a member?

  • Fill in the membership form, sign it and send it to SEN DE GEL either through post Göksu Otağtepe Caddesi, Taman Sokağı 19, Kavacık, İstanbul 34810, through e-mail to
  • Membership applications are evaluated in the first Board Meeting and the requestor is notified accordingly.
  • Upon approval, the membership requestor needs to make the transaction of membership fee to the Association.
  • Don’t make the transaction until you are notified of the Board decision.
  • Membership entry fee is 250 TL (1000 TL for corporate members).
  • Annual membership fee is 200 TL (for corporate members 5000 TL) and it is paid every year in April.
  • Membership entry fee and annual membership fee for university student under 25 is 75 TL.

You can send an e-mail to for detailed information.
You can reach the Individual Membership Form and Corporate Membership Form from
the links below.